SK in cooperation with National Oncology Institute (NOI) offers updated overview of oncological drugs - registered by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and also drugs with evaluated magnitude of clinical benefit by the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO). If ESMO did not report a score for a particular drug, this is calculated according to ESMO methodology by NOI. If ESMO completes the score, it is subsequently updated according to the ESMO. provides a comprehensive overview of oncological drugs, especially on magnitude of clinical benefit according to ESMO and conditions for their availability in Slovakia. The Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic updates the conditions for reimbursement of medicines every month on the website

and also publishes valid indication and prescription restrictions (file Part B: Indication restrictions). As the indication restrictions may be narrower than the registered indications of the drug, we compare, evaluate and publish this information on our website.

Registered indication
Indication is registered by ŠÚKL
Indication is not registered by ŠÚKL
Reimbursed indication
Indication is fully reimbursed according to registered indication
Indication is partially reimbursed according to registered indication (e.g. in a limited subgroup of patients, line of treatment, etc.)
Indication is not reimbursed